By Matty B


Come along with me on my journey from loser to embarking on the road to recovery. If I could do it, you can do it.


You’re on your way to spend the weekend with your grandparents. A blinding set of headlights flash through your brain. Everything goes black. You awake to a strange world. Everyone is a stranger.

You’re racked with pain and partially paralyzed. As your memory starts to kick in, one memory hits you like a bolt of lightning. You were a scumbag, low life cocaine dealer. You hate the guy you were, but…is redemption possible?


I was born in rural Iowa. My grandparents were fourth generations farmers. The freedom offered them in America was a dream come true. My aunts and uncle inherited their belief in God from their parents as had their parents from their parents. By the time my aunts and uncle completed high school they left the farm and embarked on careers that took them to universities to embark on medical and business careers.

My mom, Sandra Burgart, attended college, met the love of her life, so she thought. Rather than marry my father, which she knew would be a mistake, I was born out of wedlock. I was a latch-key kid. Mom worked two jobs. I resented not having a father and by the time I reached my teen years I rebelled and ran away from home. It was the beginning of a journey that would take me to some very dark places, where I eventually dove headfirst into the slimy world of selling cocaine. I was FUBAR – Fouled Up Beyond All Repair.


When I was twenty-six, I was well on my way to ending up in prison or dead by a bullet to the back of my head. What changed my life was being hit head on by a drunk driver when I was twenty-five, being in a coma for ten days. When I awoke, I was partially paralyzed, in agonizing pain and massive memory loss. It was also the event that changed my life forever. Thankfully, God gave me a do-over.

In time, when my memory began to return, I began to discover who I was before the accident. I hated that guy. Since then I have been a work in progress.
There was a time I blamed everyone but myself for being a miserable failure.


I went from overachieving troublemaker who I the guy I work on every day. The drunk driver who hit me, is my guardian angel. Because of her I am no longer FUBAR.
My mission life is to change the world and make it a better place for people who are as FUBAR as I was and want to change their life.
If think you are standing at your FUBAR CROSSROAD, I invite you to let me take you on a journey that can change your life. You’ll thank me.

‘One accident dramatically fixing my life when I was too stupid to know it needed fixing.’

By Matty B